How to deal with Guilt

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better ”- Maya Angelou. Many times we have made decisions that we thought were the right thing or the best thing to do at the time. Looking back we may realize that our decision may have been a mistake.

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Sadness is not depression!

Sometimes people do not know whether they are depressed or just genuinely sad. Have you ever felt that way? In the modern day, people are becoming more aware of mental health, especially depression. However, sometimes depression and sadness often get intertwined but they are not the same thing. While sadness is a normal and natural

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How to love yourself

Do you love yourself? It’s a question that I thought I knew the answer to until I learned what love is. The topic of self-love is something that I have been researching and thinking about for a long time. Especially been a male self-love is something that is very foreign and seldom talked about in

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Free ebook

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How to stop worrying and being overly anxious: The treatment used to aid those with OCD

What makes human beings different and superior to animals is our ability to anticipate, plan, and think about the future. We can literally change our future. Due to this extraordinary ability, it is normal for us to have worries and be anxious from time to time. However sometimes when worrying and anxiety is excessive it

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The power of gratitude

The world that we live in today is very difficult. There are many things that we can encounter with that can take away our happiness and joy. Terminal illnesses like cancer, death of loved ones, economic instability, and old age are some of the things that affect us daily. What is worst is that the

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