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A how-to guide to help the lonely, tired, nihilistic, empty, depressed, anxious, and suicidal to keep fighting for a better life and personal transformation (1)
Free ebook
Are you curious about what “Breakthrough the Mental Mountain” has in store for you? I’ve got something special just for you—an exclusive FREE version of the book that gives you a glimpse into...
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Resentment: The cure worst than the disease
You likely agree that no one in this world goes through life unscathed. We all have had our fair share of pain and injustices laid upon us. We all have scars. Some have bigger scars than others but the...
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How to stop worrying and being overly anxious: The treatment used to aid those with OCD
What makes human beings different and superior to animals is our ability to anticipate, plan, and think about the future. We can literally change our future. Due to this extraordinary ability, it is normal...
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The power of gratitude
The world that we live in today is very difficult. There are many things that we can encounter with that can take away our happiness and joy. Terminal illnesses like cancer, death of loved ones, economic...
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